Sitemap - 2021 - Tips for Teaching Professors

Tip: Take Time Away

Tip: Semester's End

Tech Thursday: Class Timers, x2

Tip: Project-Based & Task-Based Learning

Tech Thursday: Focus Helpers

Tip: Activate Prior Knowledge

Tech Thursday: Midterm Course Feedback

Tip: Buckets of Authentic Assessments

Friday Fragments, October 22nd

Tech Thursday: Disposable Gmail Addresses

Tip: Student-Led Discussions

Friday Fragments, October 15th

Tech Thursday: Discovering New Tools

Tip: Using a Jigsaw Activity

Tech Thursday: More on Fonts

Tip: Asking Questions

Tech Thursday: Fonts

Tip: The 'Tipped' Classroom

Tip: 'Muddiest Point' & Minute Papers

Friday Fragments, September 17th

Tech Thursday: An "Emergency" Chat Alternative

Tip: What is "good enough"?

Friday Fragments, September 10th

Tech Thursday: Set Times for Tasks

Tip: Productivity Tools 2.0

Friday Fragments, September 3rd

Tech Thursday: Canvas Chat

Tip: New Semester Round-Up, Fall 2021 edition

Friday Fragments: August 27th

Tech Thursday: Finding Open Educational Resources (OERs)

Tip: Systematic Post-Class Reflection

Tech Thursday: Canvas Course Labels

Tip: Writing a Syllabus

Friday Fragments, August 13th

Tech Thursday: Share Screen to Breakout Rooms

Tip: Make a Plan to Save Time

Friday Fragments, August 6th

Friday Fragments, July 30th

Friday Fragments, July 23rd

Tip: Course Facilitation Thoughts

Tip: Thinking About Instructor Presence

Tip: Time to Build

Tip: Learning Activities & Course Materials

Friday Fragments, June 25th

Tip: Assessments Connect to Outcomes

Tech Thursday: Deliver Assignment Instructions via Quiz

Tip: Writing Learning Outcomes

Friday Fragments, June 11

Tech Thursday: Name Your Own Breakout Rooms

Tip: Planning by Design

Tip: Summer Break!

Tech Thursday: Accessibility Infographics

Tip: Thinking about Service

Friday Fragments, May 7th

Tech Thursday: Study Skills Videos for Students

Tip: Final class meetings

Friday Fragments, April 30th

Tech Thursday: Keeping Student Notes

Tip: Wrapping up the Semester

Friday Fragments, April 23rd

Tech Thursday: Extract Text From Images

Tip: Multiple Ways to Show Mastery

Friday Fragments, April 16th

Tech Thursday: "Publish" from Google Drive

Tip: Respecting Religious Celebrations

Friday Fragments, April 9

Tech Thursday: Updates in Google Classroom

Tip: Many Low-Stakes Assignments

Friday Fragments, April 2

TechThursday: Climer Cards

Tip: Design for Online

Friday Fragments, March 26th

Tech Thursday: Keyboard Shortcuts

Tip: Student Portfolios

Friday Fragments, March 19th

Tech Thursday: Digital Exit Tickets

Tip: Student Conferences

Friday Fragments, March 12th

Tech Thursday: Use Text Capture Apps

Tip: Dealing With Cheating & Plagiarism

Friday Fragments, March 5th

Tech Thursday: Online Question Management

Tip: Time Management for Instructors

Friday Fragments, February 26th

Tech Thursday: Turn Forms into Docs

Tip: Using Rubrics Effectively

Friday Fragments, February 19

Tech Thursday: Reducing Eyestrain from Screentime

Tip: Feedback in Performance-Based Courses

Friday Fragments, February 12

Tech Thursday: Zoom in, in Zoom

Tip: Feedback for Transfer of Learning

Friday Fragments, February 5th

Tech Thursday: Find Free Versions of Articles

Tip: Give "Wise" Feedback

Friday Fragments, January 29th

Tech Thursday: Collaboration alternative - Dropbox Paper

Tip: Concept Mapping

Friday Fragments, January 22

Tech Thursday: Remove photo backgrounds

Tip: Engaging in "Challenging" Conversations

Friday Fragments, Jan. 15th

Tech Thursday: Make a Copy

Tip: Helping Students Understand Bias in Sources

Friday Fragments, Jan. 8th

Tech Thursday: Audio Feedback

Tip: New Semester Round-Up!