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Here you’ll find teaching tips, resources, interesting articles, & opportunities for professional development - all related to teaching in higher education. Most college professors have never taken a single course in how to teach. This newsletter aims to engage readers in a conversation about teaching from the point of view of a faculty developer and education specialist with 15+ years experience teaching in higher education.


  • Tuesday Tips - On Tuesdays I send out a longer post with brief summaries of research & reflections on teaching practices.

  • Tech Thursday - On selected Thursdays I share a quick example of a tech tool that makes teaching, grading, or other faculty work easier.

  • Friday Fragments - Weekly roundup of articles and videos I’ve found interesting each week.

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I have been teaching adult English language learners and working in curriculum development, assessment, and teacher preparation for almost 20 years. My joy is in working with large and small groups of faculty to help them think through questions about their teaching practice. My research interests include faculty professional development, integrating reading and writing across the curriculum, and exploring how small but meaningful instructional changes can impact student success and persistence.

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Community college ESL prof turned faculty developer. Writing about higher ed, faculty development, & English teaching. All opinions are my own.