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This is also called a 'scrambled classroom'. Tim Bristol of NURSETIM suggests devising a 'ticket' to get into the classroom. The ticket can be pop quizzes or another pre-learning activity that necessarily causes the students to be more prepared. Active classrooms in nursing programs are an evidence-based teaching practice that allows us to bring clinical education into the classroom and narrow the theory to practice gap seen in newly graduated nurses.

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Thanks for sharing!

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I like this "tipped" classroom idea. I have struggled for years trying to do my hybrid classes in the "flipped" format but invariably there are too many students who do not prepare in advance, and I do need to fall back on basic lecture.

On the one hand, I hesitate to do this lecturing as that only invites students to continue to not be prepared. But I also hesitate to review content that is in my course site as that will frustrate the students who did review this on their own. I feel a lecture in the classroom is rewarding the students who do not do what they should do on their own.

So planning for a "tipped" classroom seems a good compromise. Students who did review the content before class can get a brief review of that content from me in the classroom without it being overly in-depth.

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